Schlep NYT Crossword Clue

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Schlep NYT Crossword Clue
We’ve prepared a crossword clue titled “Schlep” from The New York Times Crossword for you! The New York Times is popular online crossword that everyone should give a try at least once! By playing it, you can enrich your mind with words and enjoy a delightful puzzle. If you’re short on time to tackle the crosswords, you can use our provided answers for Schlep crossword clue! To find out the answers to other clues in the NYT Crossword September 18 2023 page.

The Answer for “Schlep NYT Crossword Clue” is:


Possible Answers for “Schlep” Crossword Clue is:

“CARRY“ Answer Meaning

  • the act of carrying something
  • move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one’s hands or on one’s body
  • have with oneself, have on one’s person
  • transmit or serve as the medium for transmission
  • serve as a means for expressing something
  • bear or be able to bear the weight, pressure,or responsibility of
  • support or hold in a certain manner
  • contain or hold, have within
  • extend to a certain degree
  • continue or extend
  • be necessarily associated with or result in or involve
  • win in an election
  • include, as on a list
  • behave in a certain manner
  • have on hand
  • include as the content, broadcast or publicize
  • propel, “Carry the ball”
  • pass on a communication
  • have as an inherent or characteristic feature or have as a consequence
  • be conveyed over a certain distance
  • keep up with financial support
  • have or possess something abstract
  • be equipped with (a mast or sail)
  • win approval or support for
  • compensate for a weaker partner or member by one’s own performance
  • take further or advance
  • have on the surface or on the skin
  • capture after a fight
  • transfer (entries) from one account book to another
  • transfer (a number, cipher, or remainder) to the next column or unit’s place before or after, in addition or multiplication
  • pursue a line of scent or be a bearer
  • bear (a crop)
  • propel or give impetus to
  • drink alcohol without showing ill effects
  • be able to feed
  • have a certain range
  • cover a certain distance or advance beyond
  • secure the passage or adoption (of bills and motions)
  • be successful in
  • sing or play against other voices or parts
  • be pregnant with

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