___ thai (stir-fried noodle dish) NYT Crossword

All answers below for ___ thai (stir-fried noodle dish) crossword clue NYT will help you solve the puzzle quickly.
___ thai (stir-fried noodle dish) NYT Crossword
We’ve prepared a crossword clue titled “___ thai (stir-fried noodle dish)” from The New York Times Crossword for you! The New York Times is popular online crossword that everyone should give a try at least once! By playing it, you can enrich your mind with words and enjoy a delightful puzzle. If you’re short on time to tackle the crosswords, you can use our provided answer clues for them! To find out the answers to other clues in the NYT Crossword June 6 2023 page.

The Answer for “___ thai (stir-fried noodle dish) NYT” is:

  • PAD

“PAD“ Answer Meaning

  • a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge
  • the large floating leaf of an aquatic plant (as the water lily)
  • a block of absorbent material saturated with ink, used to transfer ink evenly to a rubber stamp
  • a flat mass of soft material used for protection, stuffing, or comfort
  • a platform from which rockets or space craft are launched
  • temporary living quarters
  • the fleshy cushion-like underside of an animal’s foot or of a human’s finger
  • add details to
  • walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud
  • line or stuff with soft material
  • add padding to

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